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Tune-Up Win95/98 by control of filecache for max. performances - There is a lot of Win95/98 setup options, hidden behind the UI. This program reveals some of them.
MiniMail v1.03 UK WIN

MiniMail This Mail program is an replacement for MS Mail. If You have a network with limited mail needs, this may be the better solution.

Regulary you have to clean and reorganize. With DRIVES you can get a tip, before it is to late! Install it in your startup group and everytime you start your computer, the program will scan for valid drives and list the 'free space'. You can enter an ALERT size.

DLL2ICO can extract icons from DLL and EXE files.
AnsiKonv v1.00 UK WIN If you still have DOS programs and export data to windows programs.
AudioCD v1.04 UK WIN  This is an alternative Audio CD Player. Track and Time LCD display
Bandit2D v1.00 UK WIN  A simple game. A combination of a slot machine and 3-on-a-row game.
IconView v1.01 UK WIN  Easy icon viewer. Select directory and view icons in pages of 4x5 icons.
MView v1.01 UK WIN  Supported formats: PCX, TIF, BMP, DIB, TGA, EPS, WMF, GIF, IMG, WPG, JPG, DCX.
WinTask v1.01 UK WIN  This is a taskman replacement. Shows all the running programs, "program quick start"
3D Tic-Tac-Toe v1.00 UK WIN  Player vs computer, get 4 in a row in 3D. It is not as simply as it sounds
FontMan v1.04 UK WIN  With this program you can group and search for fonts on characteristics.  - Updated
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